We are specialists in mechatronics engineering, a diverse discipline integrating mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering. We provide a wide range of services to help you navigate and operate in today's world of smart devices.


Our objective is to make technology more accessible to SMEs. Being a startup ourselves, we want to help other businesses grow by lending our expertise to your application. We see the potential of automated technology/solutions beyond the factory floor of global manufacturers and aim to provide affordable solutions for budding enterprises.



We are a British company based in Cumbria. Most of our services can be offered remotely, however we can also work on-site as required in Northern England/South West Scotland or further afield upon request.



What can we do for you?



Home, Workplace & Industrial Applications

  • Mechatronics/Robotics
  • Software Development/Programming
  • Computer Vision & AI
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Streamline your activities with automated control and benefit from repeatable, high-quality results.



Computer Aided Design and Manufacture

  • 2D/3D Mechanical Design
  • Manufacture/CNC Programs
  • Electronics/PCB Design
  • 2D Civil Temporary Works Designs

Whether you're lacking in-house expertise or man-hours for CAD/CAM activities, we can lend a hand.



Full Prototyping Service

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. 3D design/rendering/animation
  3. Manufacture of Prototype(s)
  4. Iterative design development

From simple mechanical products to fully automated mechatronic devices.


2D/3D Mechanical Design

CAD Modelling is an indispensable tool in modern day mechanical engineering. Our engineers are highly proficient draughtsmen and can offer a broad range of services to aid with your application.

  • 3D Modelling and Rendering
  • 2D Technical Drawings
  • Animations
  • Simulation

2D/3D Mechanical Design

Alongside our CAD modelling services we can also produce CAM programs for new designs or help revise current programs to improve cycle times and production quality.

  • CNC Routers/Mills
  • CNC Turning
  • Laser/plasma cutters
  • 3D Printers

Electronics/PCB Design

Custom electronics can offer major benefits but often appear too complex and out of reach for SMEs. Here at Fourto, we're here to help even the smallest of companies in realising custom electronics for their application.

  • 2/4 Layer PCB
  • Carrier boards & shields
  • IOT Hardware
  • Support in prototyping/manufacture

2D Civil Temporary Works Designs

A temporary works design is a necessity for many civil projects and having one could mean the difference between being awarded a contract or not. If you are a smaller subcontractor lacking an in-house draughtsman or simply the man-hours then we can help draft designs on your behalf.

  • CAT 1 design prepared for your approval
  • Overlays on OS maps or topo surveys
  • Professional design packages produced
  • Expedited service available


Mechatronics/robotics projects often require the combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering. We can support SMEs with an all-in-one service for a range of applications, including...

  • Automated production equipment
  • Automated conveying/sorting
  • Consumer robots
  • Smart devices/IOT

Software Development/Programming

Need help realising process automation programs, HMI dashboards or IOT integration? We can provide a software development and deployment service for your projects.

  • Python programming
  • Django based applications
  • Embedded software
  • ROS integration

Computer Vision & AI

We provide a full vision system integration service, from hardware selection and algorithm development to final system deployment.

  • Visual inspections/Quality control
  • Neural network training & deployment
  • Object detection & tracking
  • Optical character recognition



Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicular autonomy is a cutting edge and evolving discipline, but it doesn't need to be out of reach for SMEs. We can help you develop unmanned autonomous robots or provide technical consultation on larger scale autonomy projects.

  • Guidance System - Path planning and obstacle avoidance
  • Navigation System - Perception and localisation
  • Control System - Actuation

Initial Consultation

The initial stage of the prototyping process starts with a no-obligation consultation.

  • Initial project brief and discussion
  • Feasibility and project timeline
  • Service quotation
  • Project start



3D design/rendering/animation

The first milestone in the prototyping is the generation of computer designs and schematics. This process tends to be iterative, meaning that the design is reviewed by the client and project team and changes are made where necessary before prototypes are built.

  • 3D Modelling
  • Rendering and Animations
  • Design review and alterations

Manufacture of Prototype(s)

We can offer various in-house manufacturing services to produce the prototype including but not limited to those listed below. We can also support other manufacturing techniques with our UK-based partners.

  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Routing
  • CNC Turning
  • Laser Cutting/Etching


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